Business & Industry
We have grown to serve the most respected and successful corporations in the world, many of them listed on the Fortune 500®. Our companies offer flexibility, professionalism, exceptional cuisine, and superior support services.
As recognized leaders in foodservice management and hospitality within the academic community, we aim to help students make the connection that their diet can affect how they feel, look, and perform. Our tailored dining service operations exceed expectations and satisfy each customer’s unique needs.
Healthcare & Senior Living
We are at the forefront of healthcare and senior living dining, serving more than 2,000 hospitals, senior living communities, and integrated healthcare systems in 48 states.
Sports & Entertainment
Our industry-defining service delivers creative food done right. We serve groups large and small, and strive for excellence from preparation to presentation. Our services extend to convention facilities, concert and performance venues, racetracks, stadiums and arenas for all major sports leagues, and legendary events.
Between the corporate and franchise network, Canteen operates more than 200 locations across the country. While Canteen has been an industry leader in vending for over 80 years, it has also grown into new lines of business, including Avenue C micro markets and office coffee service.
Remote Sites
Even in the most remote locations – from coastal logging camps in B.C. to summer Cadet camps in the Yukon – ESS Support Services is there leading the market. No matter how extreme the environment may be, ESS Alaska and ESS Gulf support every aspect of daily community life for our clients’ resident workers: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
Restaurants & Specialty Dining
We excel at providing unforgettable dining experiences that are unique to each of our partner museums and performing arts centers. Each of our menus is crafted to best complement the world-class venues to make each visit a memorable occasion.
Foodbuy LLC supports Compass Group’s culinary needs, as well as catering to foodservice, health, and wellness trends, all while fulfilling operating patterns and customer requirements.
Strategic Partners
Thompson Hospitality Corporation, one of the largest minority-owned contract foodservice companies in the US, has been a strategic partner with Compass Group North America since 1997. In 2010, Thompson Hospitality was awarded the coveted ‘Company of the Year’ by Black Enterprise magazine.
Research & Data Analytics
The industry-leading business intelligence firm uses data and advanced methodologies to reveal opportunities for improvement and innovation. E15’s experts use historical consumer data and market research to uncover patterns, correlations and actionable insights. Compass leverages this data to make informed decisions, optimize business operations and enhance the consumer experience.
Innovation & Solutions
Harnessing data insights, this team develops retail, sustainability, wellness and space design solutions that drive commercial results while doing the right thing for people and planet. Subject matter experts maintain an entrepreneurial culture that drives innovation, develops new business models while securing strategic partners.
Hospitality & Technology
Through insights and innovation, Compass Digital drives digital transformation across the business by scaling solutions with proven impact. At the intersection of hospitality and technology is an exceptional user experience providing more choice and convenience for customers and operators. These end-to-end digital solutions drive sales and boost customer satisfaction.
Compass Group Canada
Compass Canada became the market leader in contract foodservice and facilities management through a simple recipe: great people, great service, and great results. This easy-to-follow recipe serves millions across the nation, from serving meals at school cafeterias, corporate cafes, hospitals, and remote camps to routine cleaning and maintenance services at your workplace and airports.

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